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LiteX - Add JTAG PHY interface to VexRiscV CPU
·1622 words·8 mins
Hardware LiteX FPGA
How to add a JTAG PHY interface to a VexRiscV CPU in the LiteX SoC generator and debug the CPU with OpenOCD and GDB.
Cube World Reversing - Cheat UI & LocalPlayer
·1245 words·6 mins
Game Hacking Reverse Engineering
Making the UI for our cheat using ImGui D3D11 and start reverse the game to retrieve the LocalPlayer to start implementing our cheat features.
Cube World Reversing - Unpack the game
·1040 words·5 mins
Game Hacking Reverse Engineering
How to unpack Cube World, a game packed with Steam DRM, to reverse it and make a cheat on it.